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Quran Reading with Tajweed

Quran Reading With Tajweed

Quran Reading with Tajweed

This course is for those who know how to spell the Arabic words. You are also required to learn the basic rules of Tajweed. You will learn to recite the Holy Quran. Moreover, you will be taught how to apply the rules of Tajweed.


For this course, we will send you a PDF of the Colored Quran. The colors help in identifying different Tajweed rules. You can also acquire a hard copy of the Holy Quran.


There are no pre-made videos for this course. However, we will record the sessions. This will help you when you will be practicing your lesson.

How will you learn?

The process is simple. You will recite Quran with the teacher. The teacher will try to make it easy for you. He will also send you the screen shot of the lesson. For the next day, you will have to revise the it. You can also listen to the recorded video. The teacher will listen from you. If the lesson is good then you will move forward. In this way, you will cover the Holy Quran cover to cover with your teacher.

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