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Quran Competition will be held in February 2022

Quran Competition 2021 (Result)

Annual Quran Competition 2021

“In the name of Allah (SWT) the most gracious and the most merciful”

We are pleased to announce the results of the Annual Quran Competition 2021. We are grateful to our esteemed and honorable guest Sheik Maulana Muhammad Amjad Khan for acting as our Chief Examiner. We are also grateful to our industrious and hardworking students, and their most reverend teachers. The students truly showed their innermost potential. Congratulations to those who got good grades. Those who were not so fortunate, must work hard for the next time. These results are a good sign to the parents and students alike. We are also thankful to the teachers. Their endless labor is the pride of our academy. On the advice of the Sheikh, we are not announcing the results of those students who had failed the exam.

Note: Rotate your screen to see the full chart.

Azan AsadScotlandQuran Memorization1001st
RijaScotlandQuran Memorization and Quran Reading With Tajweed992nd
BatoulMaldivesBasic Quran Reading With Tajweed992nd
Codou Mbakhe GueyeUnited StatesBasic Quran Reading With Tajweed992nd
RommanItalyQuran Reading With Tajweed983rd
RawdaMaldivesBasic Quran Reading With Tajweed983rd
Ayan NaseehMaldivesQuran Reading With Tajweed983rd
Samih KhanUnited StatesQuran Reading With Tajweed974th
Hibba KhanUnited StatesQuran Reading With Tajweed974th
MunshaAustraliaBasic Quran Reading With Tajweed974th
AmmarUnited StatesQuran Reading With Tajweed965th
Saffah SherazScotlandQuran Reading With Tajweed965th
OumerUnited StatesQuran Reading With Tajweed965th
Zain KhanUnited StatesQuran Reading With Tajweed956th
Fatima AsadScotlandBasic Quran Reading With Tajweed956th
Ridda KhanUnited StatesQuran Reading With Tajweed947th
Aminata Touba GueyeUnited StatesBasic Quran Reading With Tajweed947th
Awais SherazScotlandBasic Quran Reading With Tajweed938th
Ishaal NadeemAustraliaBasic Quran Reading With Tajweed938th
AhmedUnited StatesBasic Quran Reading With Tajweed929th
Marwa SherazScotlandBasic Quran Reading With Tajweed929th
AishaUnited StatesBasic Quran Reading With Tajweed929th
Hassaan (External)New ZealandBasic Quran Reading With Tajweed9010th
Mouhamadou Fadl ThiamUnited StatesBasic Quran Reading With Tajweed9010th
BellileCanadaQuran Reading With Tajweed8811th
Affifa ArafatAustraliaQuran Reading With Tajweed8712th
NoorainUnited StatesBasic Quran Reading With Tajweed8613th
Muhammad IssahBahrainQuran Reading With Tajweed8514th
HindheyisoCanadaQuran Reading With Tajweed8514th
RafliUnited StatesQuran Reading With Tajweed8315th
Haris NadeemAustraliaQuran Reading With Tajweed8116th
Feroz IqbalAustraliaQuran Reading With Tajweed8017th
Danial ArtaniAustraliaQuran Reading With Tajweed7918th
NabillahUnited StatesQuran Reading With Tajweed7719th
Yousuf HayatNorwayBasic Quran Reading With Tajweed7520th
TauqeerPakistanQuran Reading With Tajweed7520th
TanveerPakistanQuran Reading With Tajweed7520th
Mehraj SaryoIndiaBasic Quran Reading With Tajweed7421st
Zain Ul AbideenUnited StatesBasic Quran Reading With Tajweed7322nd
Shakeel AhmedCanadaBasic Quran Reading With Tajweed7223rd
Janis KhanUnited KingdomQuran Reading With Tajweed7223rd
RehanaSpainQuran Reading With Tajweed7024th
KulsoomIrelandBasic Quran Reading With Tajweed6825th
Uqasha KhanPakistanQuran Reading With Tajweed6825th
Muhammad ZubairSingaporeBasic Quran Reading With Tajweed6526th
ZainabUnited StatesQuran Reading With Tajweed6327th
SidraCanadaQuran Reading With Tajweed6128th
TehminaGermanyQuran Reading With Tajweed6029th
SabrinaCanadaBasic Quran Reading With Tajweed5730th
Ayesha EjazScotlandQuran Reading With TajweedAbsentAbsent

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