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Quran Competition will be held in February 2022

Quran Competition 2020 (Result)

Annual Quran Competition 2020

“In the name of Allah (SWT) the most gracious and the most merciful”

The results for Annual Quran Competition 2020 are finally out! The students had put a lot of hard work.
The teachers are also to be considered for their labor.
We are grateful to our esteemed guest Sheikh Maulana Muhammad Amjad Khan. He was really
impressed by the performance and wishes us all to continue our journey. Let’s keep achieving delights in
our lives! May Allah keep us all blessed! (Ameen)

Note: Rotate your screen to see full chart.

Ayan NaseehQuran Reading With TajweedHuzaifa Ali1001st
AzaanQuran Reading With Tajweed MemorizationSaad Khan992nd
RijahQuran Reading With Tajweed MemorizationSaad Khan992nd
Saffah SherazQuran Reading With TajweedSaad Khan97.53rd
SamiQuran Reading With TajweedSaad Khan97.53rd
RomaanQuran Reading With TajweedSaad Khan964th
RidahQuran Reading With TajweedSaad Khan964th
Afifa ArafatQuran Reading With TajweedSaad Khan945th
Muhammad IssahQuran Reading With TajweedSaad Khan945th
NoorainBasic Quran ReadingSaad Khan945th
HibbaQuran Reading With TajweedSaad Khan936th
ZainQuran Reading With TajweedSaad Khan927th
MunshaQuran Reading With TajweedSaad Khan918th
RuqayaQuran Reading With TajweedZia Ul Rehman918th
YousufQuran Reading With TajweedHuzaifa Ali909th
FatimahBasic Quran ReadingSaad Khan89.510th
Marwah SherazBasic Quran ReadingSaad Khan89.510th
DanyalQuran Reading With TajweedSaad Khan8911th
Haris NadeemQuran Reading With TajweedSaad Khan8712th
Abdou ToorayQuran Reading With TajweedSaad Khan8513th
HaniaQuran Reading With TajweedHuzaifa Ali8414th
Feroz IqbalQuran Reading With TajweedSaad Khan8215th
Sughra BibiQuran Reading With TajweedShahid Ali8215th
Saif Ul RehmanBasic Quran ReadingSaad Khan8215th
Ishaal NadeemBasic Quran ReadingSaad Khan8116th
Shakeel AhmedBasic Quran ReadingIsrar7917th
AsadullahBasic Quran ReadingShahid Ali7519th
Maryam BibiQuran Reading With TajweedMuhammad Kamran7519th
MuawizQuran Reading With TajweedMuhammad Kamran7320th
Abdul WahidBasic Quran ReadingMuhammad Kamran7320th
Muhammad SalehQuran Reading With Tajweed MemorizationShahid Ali7320th
Usama MirQuran Reading With TajweedMuazzam Ali7320th
Shaista LuqmanQuran Reading With TajweedUzair Javed7320th
Zohaib AhmedQuran Reading With TajweedShahid Ali7021st
Janis KhanQuran Reading With TajweedSaad Khan7022nd
Muhammad ZubairBasic Quran ReadingShahid Ali6823rd
Asif IqbalQuran Reading With Tajweed MemorizationShahid Ali6524th
KulsoomQuran ReadSaad Khan6325th
RehanaBasic Quran ReadingZia Ul Rehman6126th
UqasaBasic QuiadaShahid Ali6027th
Akhtar ShahBasic Quran ReadingSaad Khan5828th
SaifullahBasic Quran ReadingMuhammad Kamran5828th
Ayesha EjazQuran ReadingSaad KhanAbsentNo Rank

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