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How Will We Take Online Quran Classes Via Skype and Zoom?

At Online Quran Academy, we rely on Skype and Zoom for our classes. First of all, these software are free to use. You do not need to pay for them. They are very easy to use. In Skype, you have to click on the call button to start a call. However, Zoom is a bit trickier. It works as a meeting software. You will have to invite the other person to your meeting room.
These software allow Screen Sharing. This option has made webcam almost redundant in online classes. The teacher shares his screen. You can see his screen and can also follow the movements of the pointer. The teacher can also send messages, videos, and screen shots through Skype and Zoom. Moreover, the session could also be recorded. These sessions help you in working on your mistakes or recalling the things you forgot.
They are compatible with computers, tablets, and smartphones. This allows you to take classes anywhere you like. Even in your car! Although you should consider parking it first.
The procedure is very simple. You will have to sign up on both of these software. Then, you will have to add our ID. At the time of the class, our teacher will contact you. You will have to accept his call or invitation. After that, it is as smooth as butter.
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