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Quran Competition will be held in February 2022

How Will We Bridge The Difference Between The Traditional and Online Learning?

We will have to admit that the traditional settings are best for learning of not only Quran but anything whatsoever. However, we are trying to bridge the gap between Traditional and Online education. We will also need your cooperation to realize our goal.
We believe to be effective, online classes should be one-one. This greatly magnifies the concentration of teachers. Likewise, he can pay more attention to the student.
The maximum time limit of a class is 20 minutes. It has proved through our experience that this the optimal time limit for learning. Our teachers focus on rectifying and teaching the concepts. This is where you come in. You will have to practice your lesson at home. This will usually take 20 tp 30 minutes.
We have also made videos for the Basic Quran Reading Course. These videos will help you in revision. You can also record the sessions for courses like Quran Reading with Tajweed and Quran with Tafseer.
We also incorporate monthly assessments in our study plan. These assessments help us in determining our approaches. You can also ask for a teacher change if you feel unsatisfied.
In these ways, we are trying to achieve the same level of proficiency and skill acquired through Traditional Education. Through your and our hard work, we will bridge the gap one day (Insha Allah!).Register For Quran Classes

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