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How to teach Tajweed to Kids?

We follow the direct method for teaching Tajweed to kids. In this way, we avoid unnecessary details which cause much confusion and have little application. We try to make it very simple for the kids. They practice with their teacher. The mistakes are corrected over and over. Only the most basic knowledge of the rules is provided. However, they practice pronunciation until it is perfect. The reason for this is straightforward. If a word is wrongly pronounced many times, it becomes very difficult to change it later. That’s why our teachers do not compromise on pronunciation.
Our online teachers use software like Zoom or Skype. They use Screen Sharing Option to teach. This option helps kids to see the screen of their teacher. The teachers also use White Boards. In this, they draw unfamiliar figures and explain the Makhraj (Pronunciation Place) of the alphabets.
We are using Noorani Quaida as our textbook. It has proved to be very effective in Madrasas. However, we have modified it to make it compatible with the Online standards. It is colored in places where Tajweed rules are to be followed. Moreover, our academy has developed videos on the lessons of the Quaida. They help in home work and in recalling something missed in the lecture. There is a set of other videos that only explain the concepts or rules of Tajweed. We also provide a PDF of our Quaida. You can also print it. Printed form is found to be very helpful in enhancing the concentration of the kids.
Armed with all these techniques, we make sure that your kid gets the best online Tajweed education.

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