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Basic Quran Reading Course

Basic Quran Reading

Basic Quran Reading Course

This course is for those who do not even know the alphabets of Arabic language. Moreover, it covers
some very basic rules of Tajweed. You will also learn how to spell the Arabic words and phrases.


The textbook for this course is “Noorani Qaida”. It is very short. The page count is only 33. However, it
is extremely effective. The traditional institutes have been using it for decades. To meet the
requirements of online setting, we have modified it. It contains 18 lessons. Every lesson covers a rule.
The difficulty rises progressively.


To make this course even easier, we have recorded the videos. Each lesson contains its own video.
Moreover, the concepts are explained in other videos. This feature makes it easier for you to practice at

How it works?

During the class, the teacher will explain the concept. Moreover, you will practice with him word by
word. For the next class, you will have to revise the lesson. Our recorded videos will help you. The
teacher will listen the lesson from you. In this way the whole course will be covered.


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